The Language of Tea

Tea is one of the most consumed drink in the world, surpassed only by water. This online program is designed to give seniors the foundation of information that will allow them to begin their journey through the world of tea. The amount of knowledge to be shared and tea to be enjoyed is tremendous. In this program, we will talk about the history, classifications and health benefits of tea and also further explore the transmission of tea culture all round the world. 

Online Vocal Class

The online vocal class provides a full range of music knowledge for seniors and allow them to enjoy the music journey. A vocal teacher will help seniors improve and develop their voice and singing through proper breathing, posture, tone production phrasing and ear training. The vocal class will allow seniors reach their maximum singing enjoyment.


Elderly would like to have Gardening workshops.  They have their own backyard, but they do not know how to manage it. The gardening workshops teach the elderly how and when to plant their flowers, also teach them to use different fertilizes based on the plants. Moreover, show them the different styles of garden around the world could help them to design their own backyard and increase their Aesthetic ability.


Origami is one of our popular workshops since it is very good for elderly. There are lots of benefits for elderly to learn paper folding. Paper Folding exercises elderly finger dexterity and develops our manual dexterity force. Also, it develops the powers of observation and attention. Moreover, it enhances the friendship between elderly, but also to develop their ability to express. Lastly, it reduces elderly loneliness when stay at home and enrich their life during the pandemic.

Chat Room and Mental Health Workshop

During the pandemic, elderly could not meet their friends and could not go anywhere. The purpose of Chat Room is to reduce the barriers between people which they can talk via Zoom. The Mental Health workshops are for the elderly who may suffer from different mental issue such as loneness and depression.

Dancing and Singing

Elderly could make friends when they learn dancing and singing. We have workshops that teach them dancing and singing such as Peking Opera, Traditional Chinese Dance, etc. After the workshops we would arrange events for these elderly to show their performance, people could watch their performance and know how those elderly enjoy their lives.


Painting is an edifying hobby. The workshops of painting are following elderly own interests and choose a simple, entry level topic every week to learn some basic knowledge. We encourage the elderly to progress a little bit every week and share their painting between workshops. Their happiness are the most important and increases their recognition are our mission.

Digital Skills

As the world is changing dramatically, the smart device becomes the main method of communication. the elderly are very slow on learning the smart device. The digital skills workshops could help the elderly understand the function of smart device. We would have different topic of digital skills such electric album making, filming and basic function of Wechat, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  The elderly could learn those skills and communicate with different group of people and shorten the distances between people.

TCM, Qigong and Yoga

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong contain Chinese Culture of Physical health from the ancient. The basic knowledge of TCM could increase the sense of physical health issue and the elderly learn how to maintain their health. Yoga is well-known exercise which good for body. Elderly could stretch their body when they stay at home.