NCCC successfully held the 2020 Chinese New Year Gala

On January 3rd, New Canadian Community Centre held the 2020 Chinese New Year Gala at Dragon Legend Restaurant in Toronto. Before eleven o ‘clock, the lobby was crowded with more than three hundred people. It was full of joy. Nearly 20 guests arrived early, including MP Jean Yip, MPP Vincent Ke, Councilor Jim Karygiannis and Shelley Carroll, and the president of Tianjin China Alliance of Canada Pei-zhong Wang, dean of Ontario College of TCM Binjiang Wu, Canadian education union chairman Ying cao, the vice President of the confederation of Toronto Chinese Canadian organizations Chen Tiancai, etc.

At twelve o ‘clock, the hosts Zhang Dunping, Zheng Lin and Wu Qiong announced the beginning of the party. After all stood and sang the national anthem of Canada and China, Bruce Yang, president of NCCC, delivered a brief and enthusiastic speech: warmly welcome all the guests, and sincerely wish the elderly of NCCC have a happy New Year! Then MP Jean Yip and MPP Vincent Ke had speeches with fluent Chinese blessing. Councilor Jim Karygiannis and Shelley Carroll greeted the elderly with “Hello” and “Happy New Year” in their newly learned Chinese. Wang peizhong, the president of Tianjin China Alliance of Canada, played a bamboo board to wish everyone and so on, which made us clap and laugh. Binjiang Wu, dean of Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ying Cao, Canadian education union chairman, have witnessed the establishment of a fitness and pleasure platform for the elderly by NCCC. They have been working steadily for nearly 20 years. Therefore, they spoke highly of and praised the achievements of NCCC in their speech. After that, NCCC President Bruce Yang presented the letter of appointment to the newly hired members, and invited guests to take photos. Next, the elderly and the guests together, while having a dinner to taste delicious food and playing the draws for gifts, while appreciating the nearly 20 wonderful programs written and performed by the elderly.

After half past two, the host announced the end of the party. After the meeting, the elderly were much appreciated that NCCC organized this gathering, give consistent praise with gratitude.

This activity plays a very positive role for the elderly Chinese living in Canada. First, It has greatly enriched the lives of the elderly. Old people not only have great dinner, but also watch the wonderful performance which greatly reduced the feeling of loneliness. Second, consolidate homesickness, inherit Chinese culture, and make Chinese culture flourish in the garden of Canadian multiculturalism was the another key factor that making contributions to the diversity of Canadian culture. The performances include playing (flute flute), playing (violin and accordion), speaking (Tianjin Allegro), singing (male and female solo), dancing (Tibetan dance, classical water sleeve dance, square dance), walking (cheongsam show). Last but not lease, it enhances the love of Canada among Chinese elderly. Many elderly Chinese come to Canada to take care of their children and grandchildren. They enjoy the life in Canada. The activities organized by NCCC have greatly enriched the lives of Chinese elderly.

2020 Chinese New Year Gala was successfully concluded. However, the new Chinese will start from scratch – now step over from the beginning, and create a new glory in 2020!


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