The New Canadian Community Centre (NCCC) holds Tea Culture Lectures

On July 8, 2019, the NCCC and New Echo TV jointly held A lecture entitled “A Cup of TEA free TEA culture for the elderly”, which attracted more than 50 senior citizens to participate.

In this lecture, Toronto tea art lecturer Meng Jun, as the instructor, shared a lot of interesting knowledge and cultural background about tea with the elderly present. The content of the lecture includes how to identify different kinds of tea, how to store different kinds of tea, how to brew different kinds of tea correctly, and the details that need to be paid attention to when drinking tea, etc.

Meng Jun started with the teacup in everyone’s hands and introduced tea to “only brew but not soak”. He gave a comprehensive and detailed explanation on the color and fragrance of different types of tea, and then demonstrated the correct way to make tea.

In the hot summer, everyone can drink a cup of tea prepared by Mengjun, which is fragrant and soothing.

From the registration stage of the lecture, it has attracted many old people to participate enthusiastically. They not only listened carefully, but also stood beside Meng Jun and observed her way of making tea.

And in the last free question and answer session, everyone actively participated in questions and discussions, and asked a lot of questions about tea culture. Ms. Meng Jun also patiently answered them one by one.

Through this lecture, the elderly learned a lot about tea culture and gained a lot from free tea culture lectures.


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